Was die Klienten sagen

Heike , April 2021

Drei Monate nach der Behandlung. Three months after treatment.

English Transcript

I am 46 years old. I just skyped with Ilona Palucki and decided that I would not write down my evaluation in the form of a text, but that I would like to record a video to say thank you for Ilona having changed my life and for that I am amazed every day anew, that I really feel differently and can live differently and more freely since I received her treatment.

That was three months ago now and it has simply been my experience that this concept is so coherent and so fitting – especially for people like me who have already done an incredible amount of therapy in their life and who have felt that nothing can help them anymore – and this personal encouragement, this personal care, this one-on-one support over the time that you are in France, then in connection with the follow-up support… this has triggered processes in me, where I can really only say that it is a miracle. It is a miracle that I am doing so well after all these years and that I could really be freed from these traumas that I took with me from my family history and of which I no longer thought that anything could help me.

Over the ten days that I was with her, from start to finish, with every minute that she took care of me, Ilona immersed herself completely in my story. Already after the first day I had the feeling that she understands many things that others may not have understood after 20 sessions. With her method, which was really completely new to me, she managed that I was able to even let go physically, to let go of the topics that I’ve just been dragging around with me for so long. I am grateful for every minute, for every day that I have spent with her and I find it an incredible gift that she is still there for me even after this time and does not count the hours, but simply says ’so, there is something, we’ll skype again, we’ll hear from each other’. I can really only encourage everyone who thinks about it and say that this is not a method like any other, but that something here is just right, a method and a person come together that are simply unique.

I am very sure that the issues I have been grappling with all my life – that relationships fail, that I did not feel held in my family – that all of this has now also changed permanently and still keeps on transforming. I notice that certain constellations, certain dynamics in my family are still there, of course. It is incredibly important that after these two intense weeks or even after these intense days – depending on how long one is there – that one continues to deal with it, but, having said that, I also notice that the inner attitude has simply changed in such a way, that even concerning the things that still remain the same in the outer world, that I can now deal with them differently and that this heaviness is simply no longer there. It’s really as if a coat of lead has been taken from my shoulders and yes, that’s a really, really big gift.

I want to encourage everyone who thinks about it, who has the feeling that they have something that burdens them massively, that cannot be resolved by other methods. I would just like to advise all of those, to encourage them to get involved with it. I was very anxious at the beginning and it took me several days until I could get into the method, but then things happened, I felt things in my body that I simply would not have thought possible. I am convinced that this method simply works in combination with Ilona’s personality. I firmly believe that whether you believe in it or not, it will work. Because that’s how it was with me. As I said, I found it very difficult to get involved and still it worked. I wish this experience to many others and I keep my fingers crossed and encourage you with this.